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Holding Up, Watching Over (Australia 2020)

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Holding Up, Watching Over (Australia 2020)

The title of this Australian work is the same as New Zealand’s 2020 commemorative poster. However, the different political systems of each country made the conceptual and creative process quite different from each other.

Australia’s Federation and State governance model meant that there were so many more rule makers as opposed to New Zealand’s system of a single central government over-lord.

Australia’s six sTate’s had different rules from each other and different outcomes. Of course, the one thing they all had in common was the Covid-19 disease.

The colour patterns the artist Robert Young has chosen for the interior represent many things.

From right to left, the ochre and red colours represent the ravaging, destructive bush fires over 2019 and into 2020 and the healing and regrowth that is now taking place. The blues and greens in the middle of the canvas represent the ocean when one is standing at the southern or northern coast, with the blues and turquoise colours representing the life that is in the ocean. The pink and purple colours of the West Territory reflect the most beautiful sunsets in the land, and also the location of the pink diamond. Then binding the canvas of colour is the figure of the aboriginal hunter, the oldest human-being known to man, watching over his land. His spirits are holding the nation up, silent and robust against the invisible predator.

About the Artist

Robert is a Gunnai and Waradjurie man is based in Melbourne. He has created artwork for several Reconciliation Action Plans organisations in Melbourne and was the creative director and artist for a large inner-city mural at the Charcoal Lane Restaurant in Fitzroy. The Charcoal Lane mural was on the travel itinerary for the Duke and Duchess of Essex, and Robert had the opportunity to explain the work and story to the couple. Robert’s inspiration comes from his family, broader community and his lived experiences. Through his art, he wants to empower other young Indigenous men and women to stay healthy and strong to help educate mainstream people about his culture, history and spirituality. He hopes to raise the next generation with a strong belief in themselves, culture, community and social justice. Not just for the Indigenous but all people.

How Robert gets to that place when creating works begins with the ‘4 Cs’. These are the four pillars that help him create – Christ, Culture, Community and Creativity. He hopes to leave each project with a connection and impartation that only art gives people. A deeper appreciation for each other, ourselves and this beautiful world that we get to be custodians and caretakers too. What we create together we will leave a mark on this earth and an impact in history.