Commissioner Series - Limited to 50

Holding Up, Watching Over (New Zealand 2020)

  • $475.00

As our high-quality canvases are shipped worldwide, our policy is to make sure we get them to our customers in mint condition. For this reason, we do not sell a framed version as the risk of damage over long distances is too high. The saving on freight-cost is passed to the customer to contribute towards the price of a local framer.

Holding Up, Watching Over (New Zealand 2020)

This is a beautiful work, not just to the eye but also to the heart and soul, and that place you go to inside yourself when you look and see something insightful and meaningful.
The hands are strikingly strong, the way the veins or ridges appear on the wrists that are bearing the strain of a nation. Cupped in the hands are buildings that represent the towns and cities across NZ. The hint of a cathedral spire represents the blending of religions and Maori spirituality, expressed in this work by Kaitiaki, guardian of the sky, sea and land.
It is a work to inspire a nation that Covid-19 will not prevail against the protective strength of its all its peoples, their Gods and Kaitiakitanga.

About the Artist

Born and raised in Canterbury, Mike Glover resides near the Selwyn River and Lake Ellesmere. He has as a strong connection to the rivers, lakes and mountains in the area and is invested in all things that protect the quality and natural beauty of his landscape.
Most of his work is now in pastel - he likes that he has to use his fingers to blend the colours, like finger painting, and that he is essentially building a picture from coloured dust. For him, there is something elemental about that.  
​“Looking down on a river winding through the hills or a spectacular sunset - is food for the soul. There is a sense of awe, peace and harmony with nature - these are the feelings that I am trying to convey in my artwork”.