Our Story

Still in Blue Jeans was established to record significant moments and events from around the world in a unique and beautifully artful way. Our art is curated to be a “legacy”- able to be handed down from generation to generation as a record of some significant national or global event. We sell our art in a series of limited editions which we hope over time, will add considerable dollar value to the nostalgia value. At Still in Blue Jeans, our business performance achievements are not only measured in dollar terms but rather by the people we help to sustain and build upon their ambitions. Our projects employ artists, web-designers, social media agencies, advertising agencies, printing businesses, framing businesses, and freight and delivery businesses, to name a few. If we can make a profit and pay some tax, well that is good too, for it helps pay our way in a world racked with debt following Covid-19. If we have some leftover for some random acts of kindness, that is even better.

We hope you enjoy your art. We love bringing it to you.