Limited to 50! Commissioner Series

With Love From Down-Under

  • $475.00
As our high-quality canvases are shipped worldwide, our policy is to make sure we get them to our customers in mint condition. For this reason, we do not sell a framed version as the risk of damage over long distances is too high. The saving on freight-cost is passed to the customer to contribute towards the price of a local framer.

This canvas is a beauty, distinctly eye-catching, and encapsulates Australia and New
Zealand's relationship with America. Both countries have many treaties with
America, but perhaps the most succinct paraphrase to capture the special
relationship was made by actor Russell Crowe.

God Bless America
God Save The Queen
God defend New Zealand
And Thank Christ for America

Crowe was born in NZ, where he was bought up under NZ's Constitutional
Monarchy, with the Queen being head of state. He continues to make fame in
America and across the world as an actor whilst calling home the 'lucky country' of

The 'divide and rule' politicking of America over recent years may have led to some
allied country's citizens question the quality of the relationship with America.
Forlorn as America might have become, it remains a big cousin to ANZACs.

The flag is frayed at the bottom but still fluttering proudly upon a stunning red
backdrop of kisses. The globe shows maps of Australia and New Zealand with the
caption 'With Love from Down-Under'.

A simple black frame makes this work pop. It is a beautiful and exciting work,
specifically commissioned by us and curated by graphic artist Andy Gilmore.